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Great Places to Start
Your Love Journey


This island is a hidden gem just an hour’s flight from Bali. From dramatic cliffs to rolling savannahs and crystal-clear waters, you’ll find a diverse range of stunning backdrops to capture your romantic moments. Plus, it’s not crawling with tourists so you’ll have some much-needed privacy.


With its unique mix of history, pop culture, architecture and landscapes, Tokyo presents an astounding selection of possible photo locations. Whether you and your significant other prefer the tranquility of an ancient temple, the madness of the Shibuya Scramble Crossing or the cyberpunk vibes of Akihabara, you’ll find it all here.


There’s lots of reasons for newlyweds to ‘go Dutch’. Explore the enchanting streets of Amsterdam, compare notes on world-class art at the Van Gogh Museum, or dare each other to have a taste of the famous raw herring dish ‘Hollandse Nieuwe’. You’ll fall in love all over again in the land of tulips, canals and windmills.


Floating serenely in the Aegean Sea, Santorini exudes passion and romance. Immerse yourselves in the island’s iconic blue and white architecture, soak up the sun on one of its black-sanded volcanic beaches and then catch the most stunning sunset view in the village of Oia.

For Her

Move 4 Reporter Bag

Stay nimble with this slim and compact bag made of lightweight material. Lots of pockets and compartments means you can keep all your essentials organized and accessible anywhere.

Be-Her Shoulder Bag

Minimalistic and stylish, this versatile bag looks great in almost any location, casual or posh. It’s light and functional and can be carried as a sling bag or shoulder bag with the detachable sling.

For Him

Pro-dlx Crossover

Made with high quality nylon that’s lightweight and durable, this is an excellent mini crossbody bag for mobile travelers who prefer a street aesthetic. It is also small enough to be attached to your backpack as an extra pouch.

Sefton Crossbody TCP

This crossbody bag is great if you prefer a more polished business look. It’s got lots of interior organization features and is made with premium high-denier nylon for extra toughness so that it never looks scruffy.

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