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Get the Right Luggage
for Your Trip

Go Light for
Short Trips

Whether it’s a quick weekend getaway or a short business trip, lightweight luggage is absolutely recommended. Time is extra precious on short trips, so you want to stay as mobile as possible. Plus, if you’re there for business, you don’t want to arrive at any meeting looking like you’ve just been to the gym. Also look for small luggage that is designed to fit in cabin overhead compartments or under seats so that you can head straight out of the airport after you land.

Go Big(ger)
for Long Trips

For longer adventures, go for large check-in luggage with ample capacity for everything you need to bring. It’s really important that it’s expandable too. With the extra space, you’ll have the freedom to shop and shop to your heart’s content throughout your trip. Other things to look out for include smooth wheels for easy movement and high-quality durable construction to withstand baggage handling. TSA compatible locks are also great for extra peace of mind when your luggage is out of sight.

Move Easy When
You Get There

When you get to your destination, having a reliable backpack is key. Make sure that it’s big enough to hold all your essentials, but also small and light enough for you to move around comfortably. Multiple compartments and hidden pockets will help you stay organized and keep important items secure. If you’re traveling with a laptop, a padded laptop sleeve is worth considering too. Also check for water-resistant features especially if you’re venturing into the great outdoors.

And that’s our guide to choosing the right luggage for your trip. If you want to start your luggage hunt, we’ve got a wide range of small, medium, and large bags for both men and women that you can shop online now. Have a great trip!