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28.5 cm 18.5 cm 35.5 cm 1.17 kg


The 1 st collaboration between BTS’s song “Dynamite” & Samsonite RED
BTS’song “Dynamite” sings of joy and confidence bringing new surge of much-needed ‘energy’ to reinvigorate the global community.
This collaboration is inspired by the message from “Dynamite’ and BTS’ representative color “ PURPLE”
Meet our BTS l Samsonite RED collaboration with simple luxurious designs.
• 2 colors available (sheer violet & Dress blues)
​• A carry-on bag inspired by BTS' song '“Dynamite”’
•Customizable gift “Dynamite” stickers are included
• “Dynamite” logo and 7 dancing men engraved on the front aluminum plate.
• The internal zipper pocket and zipper structure construction on both sides makes it easy to store items
• The interior features “Dynamite” artwork printing.
• Comes with a webbing strap embroidered  with the ‘“Dynamite”’ logo, which can also be used as a crossbody bag.
• A smart sleeve that can fit onto the luggage trolley handle
• The entire interior lining of the product is equipped with antimicrobial technology by Microban®.
• Interior features our high-quality lining made with RECYCLEX™
Material technology
Microban® antimicrobial technology is not designed to protect the users of these products or others from disease-causing microorganisms. Normal cleaning and hygiene practices should be maintained.
Microban® is a registered trademark of Microban Products Company.
  • Colour: DRESS BLUES
  • Material: PC
  • Dimension: 28.5 x 35.5 x 18.5cm
  • Expandable: 0.0cm
  • Volume: nulll / nulll
  • Weight: 1.17kg
  • Warranty: 3 years warranty
**Product measurements published on this website are for reference only
and may differ from actual measurements.


One size
฿ 6,500
BTS X SR CARRY-ON BAG  detail | Samsonite
BTS X SR CARRY-ON BAG  detail | Samsonite
BTS X SR CARRY-ON BAG  detail | Samsonite

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